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What is a «Pnevmo-Capsula»?

The Pnevmo-Capsula is a game about distant worlds that may still be waiting for us. Between times and epochs, the Pnevmo-Capsula is slowly rolling.
The main character is a metal bulb on wheels, moving along rails and pneumatic tubes. The capsule is part of the postal system of the alternative Russia world.

In the 1st part of the game, released in 2021, "Pnevmo-Capsula: Domiki", the action takes place in a Soviet utopian village with an abundance of wooden huts in the world of rusty steampunk, in a cozy dark entourage.

Logo history

The action of the first part of the game "Pnevmo-Capsula" unfolded in the hypothetical future of the Soviet Union, which did not collapse, but reached other time limits, finding itself in a stagnant era of bulky devices. The trademark of the game was a corporate logo made of wire in the form of the name of the game, which was unmistakably associated with the end of the Tsarist and the beginning of the Soviet era. The Proletariat font was chosen, the letters themselves are executed in the form of weaving. For the second part of the game in 2023, the inscription was refactored to a more casual and smooth style while preserving the original font and the Proletariat font. Thus, the Pnevmo-Capsula ® trademark has a little history.

What will the "Pnevmo-Capsula 2" be about?

So, the second part of the game, which is in development and will be released in 2024, is called "Pnevmo-Capsula 2: Atomoyansk". The name is now written in Cyrillic on the territory of the Russian Federation and is also a trademark. The action of the first game unfolded in the cold dark green Himiyansk, but the second part will unfold in the sunlit city of the future — Atomoyansk!

The ideological inspirers were the games Captain Toad, Sonic, and, of course, the Mario universe! Their radiant graphics invariably create a good mood among the widest audience of players around the world. I suggest you take a look at the first training level:
Bright casual shades, aesthetics of mechanisms. And the rails. Lots of rails! As you can see, against the background of the first dark green part of the game, the picture became happier. I wanted the player to be surrounded by "charming simplicity".

If there was only one air capsule in the first part of the game, then there will be a lot of them in the second part. In this world, they deliver parcels, letters, grandfather, do routine work, moving along the rails.

Atomoyansk style – space design!

When the USSR launched the first satellite of the Earth, and the space race began, the era of space design, or Space Age, began with it, this is the 1960s. Cosmo design formed the basis of the aesthetics of that time. The engineers' dreams of what the cosmonauts' everyday life would be like, spending their day on Mars, were reflected in everything: from the shape of the lamp to the design of the kitchen. The Atompunk era depicts a time when radiant optimism about the future prevailed in society.
According to my idea, the level design should inherit exactly these modular-curved bends and simple shapes. The game will feature bomb houses — shelters with thick curved walls, floating in the air.
Atompunk is an homage to the era of the future that did not come, which reigned in the 50s and 60s, when everything was bright, new and brilliant. That is why the dilapidated huts of the first part were replaced by block houses — bomb shelters in the corporate style. There is also a kind of dollhouse inspired by the design of isometric rooms, which has become popular in the field of CGI.

The atmosphere of the game of the first and second parts are similar in their desire to admire. But if the first part of the game Pnevmo-Capsula is admiring the rusty two-hundred-year-old steampunk (which was the goal of the game at that time), then Atomoyansk is admiring the century of the shining novelty of the world in excellent condition. He should refer to the carefree past, such directions as Solarpunk, Pool core, Dreamcore.

The main episodes of Atomoyansk

The game will consist of 25 levels-dioramas, designed in the same style.

Russian flavor

It would be wrong if the game hails from Russia in every possible way would not refer to the cultural code of its place of origin. As it is not difficult to guess from the name of the game, the action of "Pnevmo-Capsula 2" will unfold in Russia of the future in the city of Atomoyansk. The atompunk era simply could not do without robots. We decided to fantasize: what would happen if housing and communal services art penetrated into spontaneous instrumentation, and what would such a future look like?
Automatons and animatronics opponents will appear in the game in a well-recognized style. This is a kind of tribute to the outgoing cultural peculiarity of the landscaping of house territories and the initiative construction of facilities, called "Housing and communal services-art". Something is at the sketching stage:
Collectively creepy faces from Soviet cartoons, originally created in a rush to create something kind, but unconsciously absorbed the anxiety and projections of a Soviet person. We mentioned this point because it can also be used in future work.
"Pnevmo-Capsula 2: Atomoyansk" should be an exciting adventure that you should want to plunge into! This is a joyful journey, boiling, hot, flooded with the crystals of the bright sun. The feeling that you have fallen into some pleasant past and an exciting phantasmagoric action awaits you!

Become the first to embark on a journey through the Soviet utopia

Make a pre-order and get:

  1. A digital key on Steam with access to the game 1 month before the official release;
  2. Bonus materials: desktop wallpapers and a digital booklet with descriptions of unique and interesting levels;
  3. Bonus code with unique skins for the pneumatic capsule.