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Atomoyansk - utopian dream from Russian 60s

Atomoyansk is a sun-drenched city of the future, which has become the new epicenter of the action of the second part of the game Pnevmo-Capsula. It represents a collective image of the Soviet cities of the past and the future and has its own unique design.
And now I want to tell you a little about the romance of this fascinating rail platformer, where you will become an inconspicuous cog in a huge car, penetrating into any houses, remaining unnoticed.
Atomoyansk style — Space design!
When the USSR launched the first satellite of the Earth, and the space race between the USA and the USSR began, the era of space design, or Space Age, began with it, this is the 1960s. The USA won it by landing the first man on the moon. Cosmo design formed the basis of the aesthetics of that time. The engineers' dreams of what the cosmonauts' everyday life would be like, spending their day on Mars, were reflected in everything: from the shape of the lamp to the design of the kitchen. The Atompunk era depicts a time when radiant optimism about the future prevailed in society.
Space Age in the interior
According to my idea, the level design should inherit exactly these modular-rounded and simple shapes. The game will feature bomb houses, shelters with thick curved walls floating in the air.
Pnevmocapsula-2 game atomoyansk, poolcore, isometric room
The Bomb Shelter House F1. Neo-communal style
Pnevmocapsula-2 game atomoyansk, poolcore, isometric room
Two-storeyBomb Shelter House "LUX"
Atompunk is an homage to the era of the future that never came, which reigned in the 50s and 60s, when everything was bright, new and brilliant. That is why block houses - bomb shelters in the corporate style appeared in the game. There is also a certain doll-like interior inspired by the design of isometric rooms, which has become popular in the field of CGI art.
SGI Artist's Isometric Room @nicky_blender
The atmosphere of the game of the first and second parts are similar in their desire to admire. But if the first part of the game Pnevmo-Capsula is admiring the rusty two-hundred-year-old steampunk (which was the goal of the game at that time), then Atomoyansk is admiring the century of the shining novelty of the world in excellent condition. It should relate to a carefree past, and takes the imagination to such directions as Solarpunk.
Dream summer city nintendo style Pnevmo-Capsula 2 Game
Summer Vibes of Atomoyansk
Russian flavor
Russian culture lovers and admirers, regardless of the events in the world, it will be interesting to know that the game contains a huge variety of details inspired by Russian culture. It would be wrong if the game hails from Russia in every possible way would not refer to the cultural code of its place of origin. As it is not difficult to guess from the name of the game, the action of the PneumoCapsule 2 takes place in Russia of the future in the city of Atomoyansk. The atompunk era simply could not do without robots. We have a tradition of beautifying our territories near the house with improvised garbage and junk. And I decided to fantasize about what would happen if such spontaneous art penetrated into instrumentation, and what such a future would look like.
Screenshot of the Kalinka level
creepy russian art in game Pnevmocapsula 2 Atomoyansk
The usual flowerbeds for Russia-tires and swings with frightening faces
Automatons and animatronics opponents will appear in the game in a well-recognized style. This is a kind of tribute to the cultural peculiarity of the landscaping of house territories and the initiative construction of facilities, called "Housing and communal services-art".
creepy russian art in game Pnevmocapsula 2 Atomoyansk
Rendering of the robot "Zina" and the pneumatic capsule
Accidentally made creepy faces from Soviet cartoons, originally created in a rush to create something kind and wonderful, but it turned out what it turned out 🙂.
creepy russian art in game Pnevmocapsula 2 Atomoyansk
Common street figures in Russia, considered the norm
Prototype of the robot "Zina"
Summer Mood
The name of the game evokes memories of a summer vacation with my grandmother in the village. Atomoyansk is a joyful and native journey that is suitable for the whole family. From the first minutes of the game you will immerse yourself in pleasant memories and phantasmagoric action!
Nintendo style slying island pnevmocapsula 2 game
Flying "Grandma's garden" in the "Kalinka" level
At the time of writing this article, the game is actively being filled with content. I invite you to add it to your wish list so as not to miss anything important. Thanks for your attention

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